This year we aim to inform and educate our guests on how we approach the production and cooking of our dishes.

We want to highlight that we strive to set ourselves apart from other Chinese restaurants/takeaways in that we choose QUALITY ingredients as our first priority in our food production process.

Our chicken spring rolls are made from 100% chicken fillet. We mince the chicken and add a little seasoning – THAT’S IT. Inside, the roll is 100% chicken fillet, no adding fat, no adding flour and no water injection/plumping/enhancing.

The wrap for our spring rolls is light and crispy…not heavy and stodgy like you might have experienced before. We change our cooking oil every week – this is noticeable when biting into the outer wrap.

This gives our chicken spring roll a fantastic flavour. Wholesome, pure and tasty – you won’t go away with that feeling that you have eaten your own weight in grease.

We aim for our food to be as healthy as we can make it by choosing high quality ingredients and avoiding mixing other ingredients in to save money. Quality of food and your satisfaction is more important to us.

chicken spring rolls edinburgh