Danny and I still strongly believe that our NHS staff are our warriors to fight with this Corona Virus. So to support them we still think it is essential and so as many of you. Thank you for all the responses, we decided the 30 meals go to Western General Hospital and we will make contact with them so that the meals will go to the front line staff, due to many suggestions.

We will provide the NHS Western General Western General Hospital staff with 30 Chinese Takeaway meals every Sunday night for 12 weeks!

Also – 2 Meal Deliveries a night running from Thurs to Sunday for the elderly and vulnerable!

Please if any of you know your family, neighbours or friends who are in need in our local Corstorphine area (sorry, we really cannot cover the whole of Edinburgh) then contact me by email.

Give me the meal recipient’s person name, address and telephone number and I will do the rest…

It will be delivered after 5:30pm.

Please download a copy of our takeaway menu which is on our website chinesemanorhouse.com . Give it to the person that you think will need our services to choose what they want. Yes, to let them choose what they want because we want to treat them so that they enjoy their meals more. Due to the limited supply from suppliers, we cannot offer any duck, scallops or squids dishes. They can pick two main courses which come with rice, noodles or chips. Fried rice and Chow Mein dishes is a main course on its own, so no more side rice, noodles or chips with it.

Please only contact me by email as those people who contacted me through Facebook messages last night all disappeared for no reason. So if you contacted me last night by Facebook please contact me again by email. I do not want to miss any of your messages again, so contact me by email –

The earlier you contact me, the quicker that we can start to service them. I would like to leave it to your decision to tell me who is really in need, elderly, disable or family in need as we have very limited man power and resources. This 12 weeks action can take up to 96 different addresses.

Sorry that I have to leave the hard work for you as you have to contact the needed person and myself. Without your help, I will never know who is in need. The meals will not change anything, as we know. But I want them to know we all care and are thinking of them at this difficult time.

Thank you for spending so much time to read through it. But I have to clarify what we can do. Many many thanks and have a nice day all of you!

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